Sunday, January 30, 2011


National Education Association or the American Federation of Teachers, Which one would you choose? First let me give you a background on both, then you can decide! The NEA was created in 1857, and is the largest professional and employee organization in the nation, containing over 3 million members. The NEA offers free legal services, training opportunities, and issues of NEA Today, a publication informing educators on current news. On the other side the AFT is a much smaller organization. Created in 1916, the AFT is exclusive to only teachers, for teachers by teachers. The AFT supports education reform, national standards for teachers, and induction programs that enable new teachers to work with master teachers. It provides similar services as the NEA but at a much smaller scale. So what do you think? Both organizations work to improve the salaries and working conditions for teachers, influence educational policy, and organize actions. Which is best for you?

If i had to choose an organization i would choose the American Federation of Teachers. I like how it is a smaller organization and can truly help the individual teacher. I also support how it fought hard in the 1970's to raise the status of teachers. And most of all i support how the AFT supports national standards for teachers!