Sunday, November 29, 2009

A St. Mary's Thanksgiving

Instead of cleaning the Equipment room at St.Mary's our group helped out all around the building. We helped all the other groups and had a variety of different kids for the day. I started off in the cafeteria playing checkers. As I began the game with Justin, a young St. Mary's student, he began to cheat at the game. I was very much entertained with the way he was playing the checkers game, Bringing pieces back into the game, and jumping pieces sideways and backwards. I had to make sure Justin knew the rules of the game so next time he can play the proper way.
As I made my way upstairs into the gym, I really liked the game the kids where playing. The game consisted of the kids kicking a soccer ball around several cones, and shooting it at a net with a goalie. The kids really seemed to enjoy the game especially when the "college kids" where in net. This activity also helped show us the level of skill the children have for the kicking movement. I was very surprised with the skill level the children had with shooting and maintaing control of the ball around the cones.
Our group, "Prestige Worldwide" had to end the lab off with a song. The song we chose was the Cotton Eye Joe. We taught the kids the dance although some of them already knew the dance. The kids really loved the dance at the end and we braught the kids into the circle and on 4 we said Turkey! All together Lab 5 was a great success!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clowning around at St. Mary's

The Circus has arrived! As the "College Kids" roared into the St.Mary's gymnasium dressed as clowns the students went crazy. There was no elephants or bearded lady but there was SUNY Cortland Students. The theme of the day was "Circus". Most of the "College Kids" did their part and dressed as clowns. What a great addition it is to get dressed up and get the kids involved in the theme. The theme is almost as important as the game you play with the kids. The theme is what gets the students involved, and keeps them focused on the games. My favorite part of the day was when we used the big parachute. The kids really enjoyed when we, as a group started to move the big parachute up and down. They especially loved to run underneath the parachute to opposite sides of their color. I really thaught the kids enjoyed the theme we provided them with the atmosphere was fun and entertaining not only for the kids but for us too.