Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clowning around at St. Mary's

The Circus has arrived! As the "College Kids" roared into the St.Mary's gymnasium dressed as clowns the students went crazy. There was no elephants or bearded lady but there was SUNY Cortland Students. The theme of the day was "Circus". Most of the "College Kids" did their part and dressed as clowns. What a great addition it is to get dressed up and get the kids involved in the theme. The theme is almost as important as the game you play with the kids. The theme is what gets the students involved, and keeps them focused on the games. My favorite part of the day was when we used the big parachute. The kids really enjoyed when we, as a group started to move the big parachute up and down. They especially loved to run underneath the parachute to opposite sides of their color. I really thaught the kids enjoyed the theme we provided them with the atmosphere was fun and entertaining not only for the kids but for us too.

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  1. What games did your group play with them and went went right and what went wrong with the game? I think you guys did the game where they throw the ball over the wall. There were issues of controlling the students because everything was going crazy. Make sure to have your "PE" teacher voices. Don't be afraid to be loud.