Thursday, December 10, 2009

Portfolio Showcase 2009-2010

Today I went to the portfolio showcase in Park Center. This was very helpful for me because it gave me a chance to look at the best professional portfolios at SUNY Cortland. The portfolios in the showcase where rated top at Cortland by teachers and administrators. You can tell these students really put time and effort into their work. I went to the portfolio because these students have been through everything I am going to be going through, so their advice is crucial. The students with the portfolios gave me some advice. Their advice was to add as many pictures as you can. The more pictures you have in your portfolio the better it is to look at for the future employer, or professors. I am very happy that throughout our work at St. Mary's that we had plenty of pictures being taken. I see now the importance of all the photos and I am definetly going to incorporate more photos into my portfolio. Overall the showcase was very helpful to me and my portfolio will definetly be a better product after going.

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