Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Dance and "I" Dance

On Monday during our usual lab time I participated in a workshop showing a new product designed by Exergames called "I Dance". I was very impressed with this new game and the technology used to make it so interesting. The game is very similiar to Dance Dance Revolution. The game is ment to be used in the physical education setting in order to enhance the amount of people participating in physical activity. The use of these "video game" type exercise programs is that kids of all ages think that the amount of energy excerted on the games is less than actual working out. With the study professor Yang did it showed that using the games is equivalent to using a treadmill. I also believe that Exergames is going to be the future in exercise. The most interesting part of the game to me was the fact that you can get up to 24+ participants in the game at one time, all being able to participate. I realy enjoyed learning how to use the game and set it up. This new information i learned will definetly make me more valuable and marketable in the future when finding a job.

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