Sunday, October 25, 2009

Superheroes Take Over St. Marys

The superhero theme was a great success! The kids really enjoyed the theme and loved the fact that we were dressed as superheroes. One of the kids told my fellow group mate, Tim, that they never knew Superheroes were real until now. This just shows how much these costumes grabbed the attention of the kids. Instead of going in as we usually do in our plain khakis and collared shirt we all wore superhero costumes. We also adapted the games we played with the kids into superhero themes. The typical game of “sharks and minnows” was manipulated to “Heroes and Villains.” We changed the “Shark” aspect to the “Super hero” and made the “Minnows” into “Villains.” The attention we got was completely due to the fact of how we adapted the games to their interest.
We also used another type of strategy to gain the attention of the kids. We used competition. Even when working with the young Pre-K kids the competitiveness is very high. Our group created a relay race that included the motor skills of skipping, hoping, and running. As a kid myself I participated in a similar relay race. I remember the competitiveness was an aspect that made me more interested in the game.
Something really special is getting to know the kids. My little buddy Paul would do anything I told him. He follows directions very well, although his motor skills aren’t as great as the others. He also sometimes loses track of what he’s doing and jumps from one thing to another.
Overall the kids had a great time with the theme. The next theme is a Halloween theme and I really hope they enjoy what we have planned for them!!


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  2. Great lab, good job making it exciting for the kids!!