Tuesday, March 1, 2011

12 Hours a Week....... FUN!

After watching the video of Sam and his mother and the commitment they both put in to the sport i do not in any way oppose to what they are doing. At the young age of 11 i do not believe a child needs that much training but in Sam's case he enjoys his gymnastics. Many parents force the sport on their child and the hours of practice along with it. This type of parental pressure can drive the child away from the sports when they get older. I also agree with what Sam's mother said about how gymnastics is not as easily accessible than football in the neighborhood. And that its something they use to bond with each other.   Another thing I really liked was how Sam stated, " I like it a lot, it takes a lot of work, but after your done with a competition it feels really cool." That type of mentality is going to take Sam very far in his future gymnastics career and it really supports his decision to put in the time he does put in. The video shows how Sam is interacting with his friends and coaches and the ability of these young kids. I feel Sam isn't being pressured and he has the support of his family so the 12 hours of work is not a bad thing. What do you think?

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