Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Kidding Me?

After reading the post, License Plate For Your Bike?, i was stunned with the desperate way New York is trying to gain money. To put a price on riding a bike is the most ridiculous thing i have herd in a very long time. As said in the post, "The plates would cost $25 for the "family" version and $50 for the "commercial" tags", I want to know the reason why bikes should be registered and licensed. For the sole purpose to gain money? Many people use cycling as a great way to exercise with out the pricey gym memberships, and the confinement of being in doors on a treadmill. In my community on Long Island, many families go on family bike rides after dinner on a nice summer day. Its a great way to get the kids exercising and the family to bond. NOW these people have to pay to bond and exercise with their family?! These legislators say, " Bicycles are considered moving vehicles in New York and more bike riders are using public thoroughfares and someone has to pay. "  I want to know what they are doing with the money they receive simply from tolls every morning when people from the Island have to make their morning commute to the city everyday, and the constant hike in MTA and LIRR fares, just to use the train. Charging $8 to go over a bridge per vehicle i think is insane and now they want to charge people who want to leisurely ride their bikes around their own neighborhood. What are police going to pull over a kid on a bicycle or an adult on a bicycle for breaking the law? Whats your opinion on this?  

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