Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Truly Amazing!

After watching the video on Gallaudet University women's basketball team, i was truly amazed by these athletes. In any sport verbal communication is a key to success, but for this team they rely on anticipation of one another and cohesiveness to be a successful team. Gallaudet University is a university for the deaf or hearing impaired so the amount of women basketball players with these impairments are harder to find. This doesn't affect this team though. Coach Cook has backed up his coaching philosophy and continues to work very hard to coach these players. This is a man who didn't know sign language and has faced the challenges of teaching an all deaf team. He has worked hard to learn sign language and can no almost have a full conversation with his players.  After two years of taking over the program, Coach Cook turned a team with 63 consecutive loses to an NCAA Division 3 team in the national tournament. His hard work and his players hard work have truly payed off. When people say that the hearing impaired are incapable of participating in sports or cant be good at sports, they need to look at the Women's Basketball team at Gallaudet University. The video can be seen here

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