Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is class time related to student achievement?

Waking up at 6:30 AM for that 7:30 class isnt a real motivating way to start your day. Many students dread waking up early for class, so the question is; do early classes effect student achievement? In my opinion class time can affect the students achievement levels. There are many factors that contribute to my theory. An example is; A student's alarm goes off at 6:30, he or she doesnt feel motivated to get up so they turn off the alarm oversleeping and missing class. The student wasnt in class so he doesnt recieve credit for pop quiz, recieveing a zero, and the teacher assigns an important assignment and the student doesnt hand it in the next day because he didnt know it was due. That one lazy act of turning off the alarm causes the student to lose credit on the pop quiz in class and misses an important assignment, on top of not retaining the information braught up in class. On the other hand a student has a 7:30PM night class. All of his buddies are going out on this beautiful Thursday night. The student may hesitate to even go to class and if he does go to class he wont be focused on the information being taught. The student may even leave class early to meet with his friends. These are just two factors that can contribute in a negative way on student achievement.
If you have any ways class time can relate in a positive way please leave a comment!

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