Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Should Future Physical Educators Be Skill Tested?

As a future physical educator I personally know the importance of being proficient in a variety of skills. There are many future physical educators who may be passionate about physical education but may not exhibit the necessary skills in order to teach students how to perform these specific activities. Although many students may be great at test taking and book work are they competent in specific skills?  I believe prior to joining the physical education major students should be pre-tested. I believe there should be a set of standards that all future physical educators must make before entering the profession. There are many students wanting to become physical educators but aren't able to perform many skills necessary to do the job.
Looking forward into the classroom, how can physical educators who are not competent in a specific sport skill teach that skill and demonstrate it to the class. I am not saying you must be great at every skill but you should be competent enough to demonstrate it to a class and pin-point the correct technique. Inside the classroom students are much more likely to listen and follow the directions of an instructor who is proficient in the skill rather than a teacher who is not.
What is you opinion on this matter? Do you believe future physical educators should be pretested before being allowed into the major?   

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