Friday, February 18, 2011

Student Profile: Mohammad

Mohammad (From Bangladesh)
Mohammad is a very quiet but respectful student in class. His academic class work is done with great pride and he has very high knowledge of most subject areas. He prospers in Math and Science classes and really enjoys his studies. Mohammad is from Bangladesh, he moved here when he was 8 years old so he has been in the school district for quite a while. He is pretty fluent with the language because he was taught English in Bangladesh and has been here for so long. He struggles most with his listening because sometimes he needs the instructor to slow down. If he needs something repeated he just raises his hand and the teacher slowly reads it back.
During P.E class Mohammad remains very shy and struggles at some basic skills. His swimming ability is lower than all of the students and he has a lot of difficulty staying afloat. He needs an extra instructor to be with him at all times during his aquatics class. This may be due to his culture and traditions in Bangladesh where swimming is not as popular. Mohammad is a very motivated student who works hard at not only his swimming ability but in his academic studies. He has a great future ahead of him.

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