Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Athletes are Good Role Models…

With athletes facing game-fixing accusations, Michael Vick accused of dog-fighting, and Barry Bonds' problem with steroids it now seems that professional athletes are the last to look up to.  In today’s day and age the media covers pretty much every aspect of every celebrity’s lives and nothing is kept secret. If the media stopped for a second and looked at all for the positive contributions athletes have made they would be enthralled, but instead they only show the negative situations. Professional athletes do much more then the things the media shows. They contribute more than just with their athletic ability.  For centuries people have admired and envied professional athletes and the success they have achieved. Many athletes are more than an athletic figure, they are reasons for kids to believe and dream. They can motivate children to stay on the right track and pursue their dreams no matter how big they are. An example of a great role model would be Lance Armstrong. Hard work and dedication made it possible for him to overcome cancer and accomplish the Tour de France. He instills faith in all people suffering from deadly illnesses to never give up and never quit. How about all the donations and volunteering most professional athletes do on a regular basis. This part of their lives is often overlooked.  I hope the media starts perceiving Athletes with the good they do in the community instead of all the negative aspects of their lives.    

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