Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should Athletes Get Drug Tested?

As said by many student-athlete's are seen as role models for many young children. These are the students who are putting in 30 plus hours of school a week, on top of 15 plus hours of athletic practice,  5-8 hours team lifts, and then study time. They are the people who represent your school in some of the best ways. So why are these the students who get drug tested? Shouldn't these students be looked at as good students who are doing the right thing instead of being scrutinized for drug use by random drug testing. We should see these people as people with hard work ethic, determination, and respect. How do they get respected when they are being drug tested by their own school? Many of these athletes are forced to sign waivers saying they will comply to these tests, either they sign it or they don't play.

Whats your opinion on drug testing? Is it an invasion of privacy?


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