Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tough Coaching...

After viewing the video of the coach being "too rough" I feel as though the coach shouldn't have handled himself that way. The coach was out of line with the way he tried to toughen his team. Although no coach should ever handle themselves in this manner i feel as though many athletes go through this all the time. In high school there was many times that coaches would grab me by the jersey or the helmet in order to set a point across. I feel as though the athlete should have toughened up, like a man and either accepted it or talk to the coach about it face to face before running off and telling his mother. Many of these coaches are with you more than your with your own family; You go to school from 7-3 and all of your coaches are your teachers then you go off to practice for 3 hours with the same coaches. They become like a parent figure/family member. Sometimes they get carried away and lose their cool, as an athlete you need to realize things may be tough and overcome this. I feel the coach shouldn't have done what he did but the student shouldn't have made it into a big deal.

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